Jewish Community High School

We are redesigning our community Jewish high school for next year. Jewishly educating our youth is of the highest value, and we need to find engaging and creative ways to transmit the ancient and modern knowledge and wisdom of our people.

We have found an Israeli company, Bonim B’Ychad. Its name means “working together” in Hebrew. Bonim B’Yachad  combines outstanding Israeli educators with cutting-edge technology. It provides strong online educational programs that we can collaboratively customize to address the needs of our students. Classes are taught live and offered at all levels in a wide range of subject areas.  The use of large-screen TV’s facilitates active learning. There are currently  three U.S. schools engaged with Bonim B’Yachad. All are very satisfied and highly recommend the company.

To facilitate the classes and enhance our children’s participation in Jewish youth organizations such as NFTY, BBYO and NCSY, we are partnering with Lancaster’s Jewish community to bring a Shaliach to our area. He or she will administer our high school and support the youth programs in both communities. This will also create opportunities for our communities to come together more often for  programs and activities. As an Israeli emissary, our Shaliach will be a representative of Israel to our Jewish and general communities as well as developing programs for all ages.

Our thanks to Rabbi Dov Lerner for his contributions and the positive  impact he has had on our children over the years.